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An educational unforgettable experience

Personal Development

The best learning is the one that happens to form a part of one itself and to contribute to the personal growth. This learning is achieved across the participation, the experience and the direct and royal stimulus. To learn in situ, surrounded of be equal and across the practice they are three axes in order that the result is ideal. Our aim is to extend not only the knowledge, but the curiosity, the creativity and the atisfaction of the pupil, simultaneously that we promote his capacities.

Experts in Education

A group of educational experts, teachers, pedagogues, psychologists and tourist technical personnel, together with teachers of different universities, join to elaborate experiences adapted to the contents curriculares. This way, the pupil possesses an emotional and academic support, simultaneously that an expert in tourism guides him across the different points of the distance, connecting the histories and particularities of every place with the contents of his school course. Always with total safety and confidence.


Great part of the proved school villains who suffer some children are the result of a lack of motivation for the school and the learning, not of the disability of the pupil. When a child discovers the pleasure of the reading, the pleasure of knowing the history, this need to know more never leaves him. Because of it, our aim, beyond teaching punctual contents, is to motivate actively the pupil, giving him the necessary tools to support the interest for the knowledge along the course.

The study across the practice

Learn Travelling is a new form of education, based on the acquisition of knowledge, social tools, raising awareness for the nature and taste for learning, across a week of experiences carefully elaborated by an equipment of experts in education and tourism.

The professionals of Learn Travelling study before the group of pupils together with his teacher to adapt the contents of the trip to the matters which the group of pupils has to face along the course.
For one week, they will enjoy a tour in royal places of the History, the Nature, Social, Mathematics, Language ... Simultaneously that coexist out of the school environment with his companions, facing new vital situations.
These contents and experiences will help teachers and pupils to face positive mentality the educational requirements of the rest of the course, to improve the receipt of the stimuli and the understanding of the concepts.
At the same time, one will learn to respect the diversity of the group and to value and to take care of the environment: the contact with the nature is fundamental in all our activities.

A new way of learning


Educational professionals, teachers, pedagogues, psychologists, tourist technical personnel and university teachers.

Educational guides

A service of expert accompanists that during the whole trip will manage the services contracted with total reliability.

Total attention

Buses, hotels, activities, income, show restraint, companies collaborators, visits... Everything will be prepared in order that the experience is complete.

Curriculum development

Personalized contents adapted to the particularities of every group and to the contents of the matters of his school course.

Education activates

A new way of helping to colleges and institutes in the active Education using the tourist destinations and the activities that offer us.


Art, History, experiences and new challenges that will connect the pupils with the culture from a new approach, pleasant and fully of possibilities.

The keys of the effective learning



It is the engine that moves the child to catch the stimuli around it and after associating them with his previous experiences and something new turns partly of if same and he learns it.



To take the child to key places and to provoke situations that lead him to having striking experiences.


Personal development

The creation of a climate of conviviality, of respect, of collaboration between the peer group. The being promotes and to share, not to compete.



To live in situ through the activities that they were studying in the rest of the course. The child will see with different eyes the History, the Art, the Ecosystems, the Science.


Dynamics of groups

To realize activities that stir the learning into action in group and the involution of synergies.



To stimulate that they are they themselves. To favor the divergent thought.

Our team

Our Learn Travelling team is made up of a group of experts in different areas. The team is made up of teachers and educators from primary, high school and various universities. In addition, pedagogues and psychologists joined with tourism professionals with extensive experience in tourist destinations. With skills in teaching, educational guidance, special education, study techniques, sports activities and other educational branches. Everything to carry out a new way of learning, based on the acquiring of knowledge, social tools, awareness of nature and taste for learning, through a week of experiences carefully designed by a team of experts in education and tourism. We joined together to elaborate experiences which are based on and adapted to every curricular contents.

The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child's own natural desire to learn.

Rudolf Steiner

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